Results of my 52 Challenges in 2014

I’ve already written and posted my list of 52 for 2015, but I’ve had a look over my 2014 list to get a final total.

I achieved a total score of 26 out of 52!

I’m actually impressed that I managed a 50% and will now donate $130 to my charity (more on that below!).

The breakdown of my score is as follows:

Physical Activity  (4/10)
• Enter an event I’ve not been in before – Pass. A couple of running/walking events including the Santa run and the Daffodil run.
• Learn to kitesurf – Fail. Nowhere near enough time, nor have I been anywhere I could have learnt. It’s still on my ‘sometime’ list, but not 2015.
• Complete a triathlon – Fail. Again, no time. Definitely on my ‘sometime’ list, I really really want to do one, but when time allows.
• Go camping – Pass. I was camping for new years 2013/2014, just before Squirt arrived.

201312311737 PC310286

• Donate blood – Good Try. I even had a reminder for when I could after giving birth (I think it’s 6 months) but I couldn’t make it to the blood collection centre during their opening hours.
• Lose 5kg (after giving birth) – Fail. I’m actually not sure as I actually haven’t even stepped on a scale since Squirt, so I’m not sure what I was then, nor what I am now, but I’m fairly confident that I haven’t shifted much.
• Run/walk 1km every day (after Squirt) – Good Try. I actually modified this to be a minimum number of steps a day, but working out at site I’m lucky to get 3,000 steps a day (WAY too low). But, I did make BIG efforts to increase my steps and find opportunies to get more within my circumstances, and that was the spirit of the challenge.
• Update running progress monthly (after Squirt) – Fail. Sorry, but when I get home after a 12 hour day away from my bub, looking at my computer and blog is the LAST thing I want to do.
• Do 10 push-ups without stopping – Fail. Not completely for lack of trying. Mostly, but not completely. I’m not going to give up, it’s on the 2015 list!
• Go rock climbing – Pass. A bit of a dodgy pass, but I’m taking it. I tried. I took some friends down to the rock climbing gym and we were really excited to go, but it was closed. And seems to be owned by some dodgy people who only open it when they feel like it. So I didn’t actually go, but that’s the only gym around and was my only opportunity.

Photography (5/8)
• 365 Photography Project – PASS! I think I missed 5 days in total, but I was planning on being flexible with myself. I guess all those extra hours awake helps for something.
• 365 Photography Project for Squirt – Another pass! I think I got 50 photos of him every day :) It’s much easier when you have such an incredible little subject.
• Participate in 52 photo challenge – Fail. I followed a 52 challenge but never participated. Again, it came down to priorities.
• Alphabet photography challenge – Another fail. I looked REALLY hard around my office/site for letters, but it’s too boring there.
• Take newborn photos – Pass. I really wish I had time to do my test run before he was born, and I wish I had time to try a 2nd time after learning from the 1st, but there were a handful of cute photos, and I did learn a lot.

201402071549 n 105

• Selfie Sunday – Good Try. While I didn’t actually take a Selfie on Sundays (I rarely know what day it is!), I did make a huge effort all year to take more selfies. Which is especially difficult given I’m at my largest ever and I REALLY do not want to be in front of a camera. But that’s exactly why I put this challenge on my list.
• Finish the wedding photo album – Good Try. I made a huge effort on this one. I spent months researching and trying out different iPad apps to try and do it during my bus trip to and from work (the only time I *could* do it). And when nothing really worked out, I went and bought myself a MacBook so I could do photo albums (and other errands) while commuting. I got the laptop in November, and since then have made lots of progress in the book. Which is looking AWESOME by the way!
• Make a calendar for Christmas – Pass. Through a fluke though. I forgot it was on the list and decided not to do it this year. Until my mum asked me about it in Novemeber and I had to get a quick one ordered for everyone.

Hobby (1/7)
• Create a wearable gift – Fail. Who has time for hobbies???
• Make a movie – Fail. I still have one planned, but not even started yet.
• Plant a section of veggies and grow them – Fail. I’m never home in the daylight!
• Blog 10 memories – Fail. Priorities again.
• 30 day song challenge – Fail. I had this one fully prepped, and was posting them to facebook. But then the hostage drama in Sydney happened and it just felt wrong posting such frivelous stuff for a few days, so I never went back to it.
• Find 12 geocaches – Fail. Went looking twice. Once was a long walk that had LOTS of caches on it, but it was at 6pm on the weekend, so there were people everywhere and it was hard to be subtle. We only found one that walk.

201408231755 IMG_0443

• Catch a fish – Pass. My husband still refused to take me fishing with him, and I don’t know anyone else to go with, so I had to get creative. I got myself a little magnetic fishing game and caught myself a fish!

Relationship (2/6)
• Go on a date night every month – Fail. Not for lack of wanting though.
• Go to a zoo/wildlife park together – Pass. Went to Crocodylus Park.

201409131522 DSC_6940

• Run together – Fail. While we did a few runs together, they were all with Squirt in the push chair and were really walking. The aim of this challenge was to share something I really love (running), with my husband. This didn’t happen at all.
• Write a love letter to one another – Pass. First year anniversary.
• Have a candlelit dinner – Fail. I actually forgot I had this on the list!
• Go to bed happy with each other every night – Fail. Not because of me though! The first night in February when he went to bed in a huff, I got really grumpy he was going to fail my 52!!

Personal development (5/6)
• Be able to read hiragana fluently – Good Try. I have a few apps that I study on the bus when I get time, but haven’t had the time.
• Read 6 books – Pass. Read quite a few on the bus. Twelve Years a Slave and The Neverending Story included. The rest were mostly about babies.
• Read 3 PD books – Pass. Nutureshock was one of the most insightful.
• Bake/cook something different once a month – Good Try. I got creative with the things I had time to cook, but they mostly consisted of slow cooker meals.

201408251506 IMG_0496

• Help a stranger – Pass. The first example that springs to mind was a very lost new person out at site. I helped him figure out where he should be and made conversation to calm his nervousness.
• Become accredited – Pass. The spirit of this one was to get qualified or trained in whatever it was I started doing after Squirt. But then I stumbled accross a job in the field that I’m already qualified and trained for! In the spirit of this challenge, I have purposely found myself more reading material to further my knowledge in this field.

Finance (2/2)
• Stick to a budget for a month – Pass. I haven’t had time to track it as closely as I’d like, but I have a budget, and I think we did pretty good for at least a few months.
• Donate $5 for every item not completed. Will do! I’ve decided that this year I’d give my donation to L’il Aussie Prems Foundation, a foudation dedicated to providing support for families of premature babies. I now know with first hand experience how hard it is to have your newborn baby in NICU, and really wish I had more support at the time. I want to do anything I can to make it easier for any other parents going through the same. I’ve already got a big donation of premmie clothes for the Royal Darwin Hospital SCN, and I’ve ordered some of the books from the website that I will also donate to their reading area.

201401042011 Mums tough 012

Social (5/7)
• Have a picnic – Pass. At one of my favourite areas in Nightcliff.
• Cook a 3 course meal – Fail. Planned and wanted to, but never got around to it.
• Go to a spa – Pass. Adam gave me a voucher for a pregnancy massage but I never got time to use it. So I went down after Squirt was born :)
• Go to a play/music/dance/concert show – Pass. I saw Missy Higgins (plus belly) again!
• Go to the Darwin show and get a showbag – Pass. I actually didn’t get to the Darwin Show… My work had a family fun day on the same day, and my dad visited, so I had to go to that. I did manage to find some special show bags, but they had things like safety googles and a water bottle. But it counts!

201407271007 IMG_0057

• Be thankful – Pass. I continued to work on this all year. While it was easy to always be thankful for my beautiful little man, it was challenging at many other times. But I kept coming back to how lucky I was, reminding myself that I only had ‘first world problems’ and that I could make the choices to change things any time I wanted.
• Go on a girls night – Fail. I just don’t know enough girls!

Other (2/6)
• Visit jumping crocodile cruise – Pass. Kelly visited and we did this one together.

201409271444 IMG_9176

• Watch all Monty Python movies – Fail. I really tried. I loved them when I was in high school. But I started random ones about 10 times and could never watch more than 20 mins.
• Watch 10 movies from the top 150 on IMDB – Fail. I picked them out and got copies of most of them, but I think I ended up watching one.
• See waterfalls – Pass. I intended to visit litchfield and maybe Wangi falls, but we didn’t get to that. But I did see an incredible waterfall from the top during our new years camping trip.
• Get a toy from a vending machine – Fail. I can’t believe I missed this one!!! I completely forgot it. I’m going to get one the very next time I see a toy vending machine!
• Fly a kite – Fail. I have a kite and everything but didn’t think to do it! Will definitely be putting the kite in the car boot for the next picnic.


So in 2014 I learnt that I need to be more open to curve balls :)

My 2015 list should be mostly achievable no matter what life throws my way.

52 challenges in 52 weeks

As per normal tradition, I again have a list of 52 challenges for the year. This is a list of both big and small goals to help me challenge myself. The rule is also that for every item that isn’t completed by the end of the year, $5 is donated to charity.
Last year threw me a curve ball… instead of working part time with a baby at home (the general plan), I got a job working 60 hours a week! I tried to be flexible with the challenges, and still think I did a pretty good job :)
This year my challenges are a bit more achievable given our family circumstances.



1.     Go to a zoo/wildlife park

2.     Visit a touristy place

3.     Crafts with Squirt 3 times

4.     Kid activity out of the house once a fortnight

5.     Try two new crockpot meals

6.     Jump in puddles / Play in rain with Squirt

7.     Do a Christmas postcard


8.     Go on a date night every month

9.     Have a candlelit dinner

10. Write a love letter

Personal Development

11. Read 3 books (including a book from the NYT best sellers list, and one top selling fiction book)

12. Read 2 PD books (including a book in something that interests me, to learn something new)

13. Buy something FUN for myself

14. Wear a dress in public

15. Try a food I’ve never tasted

16. Do something that scares me

17. Cook a 3 course meal

18. Travel outside of Darwin

19. Compliment a stranger and help a stranger

20. Bake cookies from scratch and share them at work

21. Update my will

22. Write a list of everything I appreciate


23. Run 100km over the year

24. Run more than 5km in one go

25. Enter an event

26. Go to the gym

27. Lose 5kg

28. Do shakes for 2 weeks

29. Detox for 1 week

30. Drink 2 x water bottles a day at work

31. Do 10 push-ups without stopping


32. 365 Photography Project and/or 365 photography project for Squirt

33. Finish monthly photos before the end of the next month

34. Get at least one family photo a month

35. Photograph 1 x sunset, 1 x sunrise

36. Complete 2013 photobook

37. Complete 2014 photobook

38. Complete Squirts 2014 photobook

39. Complete the wedding photobook


40. Go to the cinema

41. Watch 3 movies released in 2014 / 2015

42. See a waterfall

43. See a musical (or live music)

44. Fly a kite

45. Have a picnic

46. Find 5 geocaches


47. Review monthly expenses at the end of each month

48. Save money into Squirts account each month


49. Pick a monthly challenge by the 1st each month

  • Jan – No leisure electronic use during Squirt time
  • Other ideas – No fast food/prepared non fresh food,
  • No facebook,
  • Run 3x a week,
  • Weights / pilates every morning

50. Surprise someone (in a nice way)

51. Get a toy from a vending machine

52. Bi-Monthly clean out, pick one of;

  • Tupperware
  • Squirts old clothes
  • My old clothes
  • Boxes in shed
  • Filing cupboard



These are items that I really really hope I can achieve in 2015, but I don’t think I’ll be able to realistically. But I didn’t want to delete them, as I want to try my hardest!

1.     Make a movie

2.     Catch a fish

3.     Donate blood

4.     Keep up to date with my 2015 photobook


You can also find Kelly’s list on her blog. We work on it together every year, so you’ll see similarities!

I can run!

Today I ran! Properly, for the first time in 10 months!!

I headed out with my pre pregnancy sports bra on, hoping to do 1/2s. I did a 'power pump' (a hour long intensive expressing session, with the purpose of increasing milk supply), which left me completely empty. I'm not sure if that was a major factor, but everything felt great.

I was also a bit worried about being back in Vibrams after not wearing them for so long, but so far it's been all good!


It wasn't a super run by any stretch of the imagination, more of a practice run. The 1/2's felt very easy, I think I'll ramp it up pretty quickly now.

And it's perfect timing as I've decided my first goal race is going to be the Darwin City 2 Surf. It's on June 1st and has a 12km and a 4km. I'm going to wait a bit to decide which one to do, I have no idea if I can be ready to do a 12km by that date. I even have a girlfriend who might head up to do it too!

I'll do up a general training plan (mostly based around a couch to 5km, slightly modified based on my previous experience) and will see how I go.

With a 2 month old, any plan has to be flexible, and at the moment my run is usually dependant on whether he's woken in time to be fed and put back down before it gets too dark to run.

I love the sunsets here – this is a quick pic I took during the run :) It really reminds me to be grateful for the awesome things I do have, and reminds me to stop stressing about things I don't.



My first run

First run post Squirt, and I think it was mainly a fail :(

I went out with the aim of 1/2's (1 minute running, 2 minutes walking), but 2 seconds into my run I knew I had no chance. My boobs didn't have anywhere near enough support. Somehow, breastfeeding changes the whole consistency of them! I expressed right before I left, and tightened the sports bra, and I thought they would be ok… But nope.

You can see on the map where I tried to start running.


I also experienced MAJOR self consciousness, I had completely forgotten that feeling! I was never a good runner, but I still ran enough to consider myself a runner. That plus the fact I was in a tiny town where I rarely saw someone when out on my runs, I really didn't care what people thought.

I know that feeling does go away eventually, and I tried to ignore it.

After my first interval fail, I considered stopping my Nike watch, as it wasn't really a 'run' any more. It was something discussed on another running blog today (The Boring Runner) and I thought about it as I ran. And I decided I was still 'running', because I was still doing more than all the couch potatoes. And mentally I was a runner, because I went out with the intention of running. And I refused to give up and just go home, I finished 2.5kms walking, even though I felt self conscious and like I 'failed'. So, I'm still a runner!

So, I have pulled out a pre-pregnancy sports bra… It *just* fits! and feels a little more supportive than the maternity sports bra. So…. I'll see how that goes :)


A new start at running

It's been a while, and some major changes in my life. This being the main one :)


So, when I was pregnant, my husband and I went into immediate 'protect the baby at all costs' mode, and from the moment we saw the blue line, I stopped running. Due to the fact I was in a freezing cold climate, with very little option for exercise, I mostly stopped ALL exercise. Looking back I can see this was a bit of an over reaction, but as first time parents with no close friends or family around, we muddled our way through the pregnancy.

And now, with Squirt just over 2 months old, I can feel the affects of the mistake.

I have just started exercise again, desperate to get running, and have been walking once a day for the last week. One of my 52 in 52 items (list coming later) is to document my running progress after Squirt arrived, so I figure the start is a good start.

This is my day, with my first 'real' proper walk.


I'm hoping tomorrow to try my first run. I had the all clear from the doc a week ago, but what I hadn't counted on at ALL was how sore my boobs are. I'm breast feeding, and we're still figuring out how it all works. But my boobs are very sore, and most of the time, full and huge. I've found a sports bra a few sizes up and it's helped on my walks, so I'm hoping it'll hold up for runs.

I'm also missing all of my running gear – I had them shipped to Australia from Canada (I said there had been big changes), and 4 months later, they're still not here. That includes my running shoes, my running earphones, and all the clothes. All I have here is one pair of Vibrams, and I'm making do with my iPhone and iPhone headphones.

It feels very strange to be starting again…. It wasn't that long ago I was running 10km races every weekend, and trying to work on my speed. But things change quickly. My 50 min walk today has my legs aching, and I get breathless just walking a flight of stairs now :( But I know I can get back there, and most importantly, I know how much my mental health benefits! Even my walks have made me feel more centred.

So, fingers crossed my first run tomorrow goes well.


52 in 52 challenges – 2014

Following my normal tradition, I have again written a list of 52 challenges that I’d like to achieve within the next year.

It’s a little late this year, but I had almost finalised it when I had my first Rainbow Surprise of the year, with my baby coming a few weeks early. But I’ve already started completing them :)

This year I’ve focused mainly on fun, and the original challenge theme, going outside of my comfort zone. I’m also planning on being nice and flexible with them.

Physical Activity
• Enter an event I’ve not been in before
• Learn to kitesurf
• Complete a triathlon
• Go camping
• Donate blood
• Lose 5kg (after giving birth)
• Run/walk 1km every day (after Squirt)
• Update running progress monthly (after Squirt)
• Do 10 push-ups without stopping
• Go rock climbing

• 365 Photography Project
• 365 Photography Project for Squirt
• Participate in 52 photo challenge
• Alphabet photography challenge
• Take newborn photos
• Selfie Sunday
• Finish the wedding photo album
• Make a calendar for Christmas

• Create a wearable gift
• Make a movie
• Plant a section of veggies and grow them
• Blog 10 memories
• 30 day song challenge
• Find 12 geocaches
• Catch a fish

• Go on a date night every month
• Go to a zoo/wildlife park together
• Run together
• Write a love letter to one another
• Have a candlelit dinner
• Go to bed happy with each other every night

Personal development
• Be able to read hiragana fluently
• Read 6 books
• Read 3 PD books
• Bake/cook something different once a month
• Help a stranger
• Become accredited

• Stick to a budget for a month
• Donate $5 for every item not completed

• Have a picnic
• Cook a 3 course meal
• Go to a spa
• Go to a play/music/dance/concert show
• Go to the Darwin show and get a showbag
• Be thankful
• Go on a girls night

• Visit jumping crocodile cruise
• Watch all Monty Python movies
• Watch 10 movies from the top 150 on IMDB
• See waterfalls
• Get a toy from a vending machine
• Fly a kite

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2012

I am so proud to say that I've now finished a Half Marathon!


And I am so glad it was a Disney one.

The morning started out VERY early, with my alarm going off at 3:30am. Luckily I had everything set out the night before, ready and waiting.


And then the first of many many lines, just to get the shuttle bus to the start.

There was a huge bottle neck to get from the car park to the entry area, so Adam said goodbye there and went to find the spectator area.

I followed the crowd to the start line, and started the hike up to my corral. Even though I wasn't the last corral, I still managed to be the one furtherest away from the start line!

The energy in the corral was amazing, even though it was 4:30 in the morning. There were more women than I could imagine, all dressed in tutu's and Disney costumes. The DJ got us all pumped up with some cool music, and as each corral started, the fairy godmother gave us a countdown, and fireworks!


The run itself was very very packed. There was no gaps in the crowd and it made it very hard to pick your own pace. You couldn't walk, or run faster, you just had to go with the crowd.


After the marching band, I had to pull over for a pitstop, it was before the 1km mark even! But luckily it was the only pitstop I needed.

Then there was huge kite butterflies, Jack Sparrow and his ship, all of the princes, Lightning McQueen, the evil witches, Gaston, Tiana, Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Prince Charming, Lilo, the Genie, Meeko, a toy soldier, the Incredibles, the Fairy Godmother and a Gospel Choir. And every single character had a wait line of 30-50 people! I managed to get photos of most of them as I passed (I didn't line up for any), and got photos of the mile markers. All of my photos can be found on my flickr.


I finished with an official chip time of 3:27:22, and had an awesome time. The only thing that could have made it better would have been seeing my boy at the finish line. Unfortunately with all the people, we didn't see each other at all :(

As it was the only Disney race I ever plan to do, I went all out and got all the extras, including the race retreat and breakfasts.

I researched a lot beforehand and couldn't find many details, so here are a few thoughts for any lucky gals doing it next year.

  • The half marathon was definitely worth it. It was incredibly busy, but an incredibly atmosphere.
  • The 5K race was also definitely worth it. I was worried that doing it so close to the half marathon would be asking for trouble, but it was easy. As it was also really busy, it was a nice easy slow run. I used it as a test run, to test out various bits of my costume. I think it also would have been much better to dress up and have more fun with it. I completely didn't even think about it until the day before, but matching outfits with my boy would have been fun.
  • Don't set any time goals, and don't try to PR. If you get a gap in people, you take it, but they are few and far between.
  • Pasta in the Park. The food wasn't great, the entertainment was ok, and we were mostly bored. But I think if you're there with a group of people, it would have been a million times better. The VIP viewing for the show was pretty good, but you could get a view just the same if you arrived a little early. But I think it was worth it purely for the photo opportunities. You can stand in line for 5 mins to get a photo with 3 princesses at the Pasta Party, or you could do it during the race, each one with a 20 minute wait, while you're meant to be running.
  • Breakfast after the 5K. Again, it was ok, the food was average, it was nice having bathrooms with no wait. But the only thing that gave it value was the photos with the princesses. If you're not interested in those photos, I wouldn't bother. The only other benefit was that it gave us something to do while the buses were busy, and by the time we were ready to leave we got straight onto the bus.
  • Race Retreat. I'm kinda torn as to whether this one was worth it or not. I went in quickly before the race, but only to pee with no line. Beforehand, you just want to get to the corrals asap to make sure you're not late. After, it was packed over full, and again the food was only average. But it was AWESOME to have somewhere to sit and take a few minutes after the race. We were squished into a big table with lots of strangers, and seats way too close for any normal day, let alone a day where most of us had just run 21kms, so relaxing wouldn't be the right word, but outside there was nothing. You could sit on the asphalt car park and hope noone stepped on you, or you could stand in lines for buses. So, was having a squished seat at the end of the race worth $99? I'm not sure. Especially if you have a spectator, as it was another $99 for him to get in with me with the ChEAR squad package.
  • Stay in the Park. I really wasn't sure if it was going to be worth it and we almost stayed off site, but I'm so glad we stayed there. It made the entire trip magical, and the shuttles etc make life so much easier.
  • Souvenirs. Especially RunDisney stuff. Head to the outlet just out of Disneyworld. We caught a cab and it cost $22. But the outlet mall was good value, although there were no huge outlet discounts, just normal US mall prices, but the Disney store in there had all sorts of awesome stuff much cheaper than the stores in the park. They also had a huge rack of RunDisney stuff. I hadn't been able to find any RunDisney stuff in the parks, other than the tent after the marathon. There was no princess marathon stuff, but there was generic RunDisney gear.


If anyone else has any suggestions for next years girls, let me know and I can add them!



Royal Family 5km

This morning was the Disney Royal Family 5km. I had signed up for this race with Adam, so he got to experieence a bit of the magic. My half marathon is tomorrow, the day after the 5km.

As I discovered, all Disney races have a very early start. They need to be finished and through Disneyworld before the park opens for the day, so we had to be on our buses this morning by 5:00am. But at least they're organised. We were picked up by the shuttle bus, dropped off at Epcot and strolled easily to the corrals for a 20-30 min wait for the race to start. There were heaps of PortaPotties for a last minute bathroom stop and everyone seemed to understand what was going on.


The 4.30am start was way too early for my grumpy little boy who just wanted coffee.


And then we were off! The race course went through Epcot, winding around a few times to the back of it, and then back around to the front. We came back through under the big Epcot circle, and finished just outside. The course was nice, there were no major hills (there was a tiny one, going up a bridge ofter the water), there was no bottle necks, and there was the Disney parks employees setting up for the day lining the course inside chearing us on.

Along the race there were lots of characters, all available for photos if you wanted to wait in line for them. I didn't like any of the characters enough to wait that long, but I took photos as I ran/walked past.


There was a lot of people, and for the majority of the race there were people banked up in front of you so even if you wanted to run, you had no choice but to walk. But when we had the chance to run, I wanted to be lazy and walk. Adam kept on making me run :P


But then just after the 2 mile mark, we saw Donald Duck. He saw me taking a photo as I walked past, and turned to me to wave and give me a thumbs up!!! That got me so excited I ran the rest of the way :)


And then we were DONE! We got our medals as we crossed the finish line and I got photos straight away. You can see from the redness of my face that it was fairly hot. It was equivilant to a Darwin wet season morninng. It was probaby 25 degrees, and very humid. I loved it, but it was a bit of a shock to the system after running in a Canadian winter.


We headed to the special breakfast that was organised. We got to relax a bit, and there were special princesses to get photos with! They are also so awesome in character, Merida said she always wanted to be a pirate, but her mum said that girls weren't allowed to. I told her that they were on my ship, so she asked if she could join my crew and be a pirate with me. We agreed we'd sail away and have sword fights and make people walk the plank!


So it was a fun race all in all! Adam enjoyed it, which was the point, and I got to have a trial run in this weather before the half marathon tomorrow. I also used it as a learning tool for my gear. I wore my tiara, and decided it's not going to work for 21kms, but my calf compression socks will be good.

Now it's an early night, as the princess half marathon needs a 3am start!


Welcome to Disneyworld!

I'm at Disneyworld!!! To say I'm overly excited is a MASSIVE understatement, and Adam has been extraordinarily patient :)

On check-in, I noticed some kids checking in next to us had awesome balloons with a Mickey holder. I commented to Adam how awesome they were, and the lady checking us in overheard me. Adam told me they were only for KIDS, so the lady interjected, saying that of course I could have one. Her and I started a convo about how in Disneyworld I was ALLOWED to be a kid, and it was even expected of me. The check in lady told me that she liked my attitude :P

She kept checking us in (it's quite a lengthy process), and asked if we had been before. When I said no, it was our first time, she pulled out 'First Time' badges. They're special badges that you wear and when Disneyworld staff notice them, it gives them something to talk to you about, and they go to extra lengths to make sure you love the place. I already knew about the badges, so I mentioned that it was also my birthday this weekend, knowing there is another birthday one! She got excited for me and pulled it out, and gave me a pen to write my name on it. This started another convo with Adam commented on how only kids like to tell everyone it's their bday. I think that's what did it, and the check in girl said she had to go out the back to get 'something' and then we were done.

A few minutes later she came back around the corner with THIS:


Soooooo awesome! It's a little Pluto, with 3 awesome balloons (and the cool Mickey holders). I was so excited :D

The Mickey towels was our display on the bed when we arrived.

Disneyworld really is magical!


My Princess Half-Marathon outfit!

It’s here! Everything is here!
As everyone should remember, for my birthday this year I’m heading to Disneyworld for a half marathon. It’s now only 11 sleeps away, and my t-shirt finally arrived!

Most runners for the Disney Princess Half-Marathon are dressing up as their favourite princess, but while thinking about which was my favourite, I decided I didn’t want to be any of the current disney princesses, I want to be a NEW princess :) A special one of a kind, Jo princess :D

And here is the result.

Princess Jo outfit

I have a layered rainbow tutu that has LED lights. The race starts in the early hours of the morning, so the rainbow lights will look awesome!. And I have a special Princess Jo tshirt, with a rainbow and a running woman. It’s a tech shirt, so should be good for the race.

Just ignore the snowboots and puppy in the photo :)

I intended to get a tiara, but haven’t yet found one online that will ship to me. It’s now too late, so hopefully I will find one at Disneyworld before the race. And I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to wear the shown black running pants, or my knee length ones. I’m not sure what the weather will be like, so will figure that out when we get there.

Do you reckon I look like a unique Princess Jo?

It’s going to be AWESOME!!!

And for the record, my favourite princess is currently Tiana, from The Princess and the Frog. She works hard to get what she wants :)

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